Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Salwar Kameez: How to Wear It and Care for It

The business meeting was long and stressful. You could hardly wait to run from it all. The party at 7p.m. was promising to be a glorious event. At home your evening attire is lying on the bed, a peach-colored, silk salwar kameez with matching dupatta. The CEO looks at you with a funny grin on his face and finally says, "Go on. Get out of here". When you finally arrive at home and slip on your outfit after showering, the feeling of freedom pervades your spirit. Your clothes fit perfectly and looks wonderful. As you leave for the evening you glance over your shoulder at the mirror in pride. You love your native Indian attire and people love you in it. If that is you or you want that to be you read on to learn how to wear and maintain your authentic Salwar Kameez designs.
It may seem like an open and shut case when it comes to wearing a salwar kameez, but there are some guidelines that if followed could bring the results that you want when you look in the mirror. Let's talk about style and color. There are many salwar kameez designs for many occasions, but the best rule of dress is to consider which flatters your body the best. For example women who are busty or full figured might want to lean toward darker colors and A-line styles while thinner women would probably want to try an anarkali and experiment with a little more texture. Women of darker complexion should consider sticking to darker colors like maroon and browns while lighter complexioned women should consider lighter colors like pinks and light greens. Sticking to colors and cuts of dress that compliment your body will make for a lot of compliments.
Necklines are a very important part of wearing a salwar kameez. The right neckline can redirect attention away from areas that you don't want, and accent your greatest assets. For the woman who wants to draw attention away from her bust a V neckline could do that for you. For the woman who wants a little more height a Chinese collar will make you look taller. For a woman who wants to play herself up a little bit, she could try salwar kameez designs with different neck lines. It is a small change that can make a big impact.
Designs, additives, and embellishments should also be chosen based on your body type. Stripes provide a slimming look while pleats and thicker designs tend to make you look fuller. To draw attention away from your shoulders try more elaborate embellishments around the neckline and avoid straps. To pull in your stomach try wearing a skirt around your waist and use pleats to hide any bulge. To add a little body to your look try a thicker dupatta if you are thinner. Remember that clothes are made to make you look good. You are the centerpiece not the accessory.
Once you have perfected your wardrobe with the salwar kameez designs of your dreams it is important to maintain them. Cleaning and ironing a salwar kameez should be done with extreme care. It is best just to get an expensive and decorative garment cleaned and ironed professionally. Embroidery is delicate and it should be maintained diligently.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fitting in: Your Guide to Greek Apparel

The fraternity system is a mainstay of college and university life, providing a home away from home and an important social support system that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Those ties are strong and well worth celebrating, and how better to celebrate your membership in this important system than to turn your attention to your wardrobe. Take the time to see how Greek apparel styles can make an important statement about your allegiance.
Most people if pressed would admit that while it's not a uniform as such, there is definitely a particular style of Greek clothing that you can use to make yourself stand out. Making the decision to embrace the mainstream in Greek apparel means ditching your quirky or generally branded clothing. You'll never be able to demonstrate your membership of the elite if you're wearing something dragged off the rack at the local outlet mall - turn instead to polo shirts from high end designer names. These are going to be a good all-year item, especially with summer on its way - though don't forget to get some long sleeved buttoned shirts for those more formal occasions or just to switch up every now and then. The occasional t-shirt is acceptable as long as it's sporting your school colors - and this is largely because you're celebrating school spirit which aligns well with the more general aspirations and themes of fraternity life.
In general, Greek clothing shies away from anything that looks distressed, either on purpose or as a result of general wear and tear. Just as the system celebrates success and excellence, you are expected to reflect that in the way that you present yourself to the rest of the world. Being part of the Greek system demands both time and money. It's not just parties, dinners, dances and themed weeks; being accepted will help you with your personal growth and scholarship and promote your leadership qualities. You're not going to be able to leverage the academic support and experience you receive if you can't attract the right sort of attention and your personal grooming is a big part of the growth that you will undergo during your time on campus.
There are an increasing number of places offering advice on how best to celebrate your membership of the Greek system. Some of them are more tongue in cheek than others, focusing on stereotypes and how to either use or sidestep them when assembling your Greek clothing wardrobe. In general though there's an agreement that cargo shorts are not acceptable attire, and neither are pants that are worn too loose. You're not impressing anyone with that look, let alone setting an example.
From shoes to formal wear and accessories, Greek apparel is about style with substance rather than the greatest amount of flash. The discipline of weekly chapter should help reinforce this as instinct and habit as you get used to it, but you may have to work at it at first - and here's where that leadership comes in if you're already part of an organization: there's a new year's intake about to hit the campus and they'll be looking to you to show the way forward.
This article is discussing Greek apparel and the general ethos of Greek clothing styles. The article gives advice in general terms about how to make sure that you dress to fit in and to be able to take pride in your appearance.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Combine Business Casual Clothing With Holiday Jewelry

Holiday jewelry does not have to only be worn only with bold sweaters. Many women make the mistake of celebrating through clothing instead of with tasteful fashion jewelry choices. Holiday themed sweaters often date the wearer or may project a school teacher image. Here are three tips on how to wear holiday jewelry.
Think of jewelry as a way to express your personal holiday spirit. Themed sweaters can date the person wearing the sweater. Wearing a themed Christmas tree scene, religious scene, or Santa Clause themed sweater or shirt should be avoided, especially in the workplace. Wear modern pastel tones for holidays in Spring, instead of Easter themed clothing. Many business environments do not welcome the promotion of a specific religion. Wearing religious themed statement clothing items to work may be misrepresenting the business. However, wearing the symbols of the religion or representations of holy days is acceptable.
Holiday Jewelry
Choose plain or patterned clothing as a back ground to highlight the holiday jewelry pieces. Consider any shape, size, or holiday theme that is appealing. There is a tasteful way to wear Easter, Christmas, or even Halloween jewelry pieces.
80's Vintage Dress
Sweaters that are heavily beaded with jewelry is not currently in style. Wearing additional jewelry with these types of clothing pieces makes the outfit look outdated and not retro. A trendy sweater dress or 80's vintage dress will look better in a solid color or with a simple pattern. Consider wearing fashion jewelry that has been heavily influenced by the 1980's.
Complimentary Colors
Think about the colors of the Holiday season. This could be silver, gold, green, or red. A bold necklace and earring set in red would coordinate perfectly with a sexy slimming black sweater at a holiday party. Pretty green earrings and bracelet would compliment a black or green piece of clothing.
Sets of fashion jewelry that are made of wood, feathers, or crochet may seem a bit too much for daytime. Wear these fashion pieces on weekends for or casual weekend dinners. Try on glamorous pieces of jewelry with business causal clothing. Mixing and matching jewelery sets is one way to tone down a look that may be too fierce.
Even though it may be tempting to wear holiday themed clothing with jewelry don't. if you love bling or items with sparkle, take the focus off the clothes. A more fashionable way to accent your total look is to sparkle through your jewelry.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Secrets For Buying a Cheap Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaids are those ladies who hold the charm at the wedding. For this they need to be dressed in pretty bridesmaid dresses and should have the perfect accessories. But all this sounds pricey as there is not going to be just one bridesmaid in the wedding. In such a case brides generally look for cheap bridesmaid outfits that are cheap only in terms of price.
The following secrets will help you in finding the cheap yet classy bridesmaid outfits-
• Color is the very important factor that needs to be kept in mind while choosing a bridesmaid dress. The color of the dress should complement each and every bridesmaid while complementing the bride's wedding dress as she is going to be the focal point of the evening. As the wedding dress is going to be white in color, a bridesmaid outfit can be in any shade from the same family. You can also go for the simple blue bridesmaid outfits or the simple purple bridesmaid dresses. In order to reduce the cost, going for a simple bridesmaid outfit in a single color without a complicated pattern would be wise.
• The next concern would be the fabric of the dress. Go out in the market and do a little research on the rates of different fabrics. Though chiffon, crepe and Georgette look extremely beautiful, they might cost you a bomb. In such a case you can go for a simple wrinkle free fabric and enhance the look of the dress with a silk lace or sequined work at the neckline.
• The type and style of the bridesmaids dress also depends on the place where the wedding is going to take place. Nowadays weddings are taking place at very innovative locations like underwater, sky etc. in such a case the style of the bridesmaid dress should be appropriate for the location. For instance, if it is a ball room wedding, the bridesmaids outfit can be flowy while if it is a beach wedding, the dress has to be a little short and the fabric should be drip free.
• Style!! The main cost of the bridesmaids outfits depend on the style of the dresses. The more stylish dress you order, the more it will cost you. So before choosing the bridesmaid dress, make sure that you are well aware of the prices of different styles and see which style suits your pocket.
• After you are done selecting a dress it is time you choose the accessories. If you have already invested a lot on the dress make sure that you stick to your budget while selecting the perfect accessories. A perfect selection of accessories can make a cheap bridesmaid outfit look extremely pricey.
You can find cheap yet elegant bridesmaid dresses in UK without any hassle. After all these efforts that you put to find the cheap yet classy bridesmaids outfit, it is all upon the bridesmaids how they carry it.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tips to Retain the Colour and Look of Men's Clothes

If you notice sharply, after every wash the shade of your clothes get dull and the colour starts fading as you use them regularly. Though you can't maintain the essence of the clothes for life long, you can at least take some elaborate steps to avoid colour fading. And, among all, men's clothes are vulnerable to this.
In order to maintain the colour and essence of men's apparel, you can simply follow few tips. And they are:
Do not launder often 
If you launder the clothes every now and then, the colour will surely start fading soon. It is rather advisable to wash the clothes when needed.

Don't be harsh on clothes 
If your mood is upset, you don't have to remove your anger on the clothes. Especially, if you are washing the clothes by hands, you should always be gentle. Being harsh on them can fade out the colour and sometimes tear the shirt/ T-shirt.

Wash dark colour clothes together 
In order to retain the colour of your clothes, it is good to wash all the dark clothes separately. They tend to fade off the colour easily and might smear on light coloured clothes.

Fold or Hang your clothes 
There are some clothes which don't need to be folded and some which are designed to be hanged on a hanger. You should always take care of this. Also, the clothes which you don't wear often are better to be placed in the cupboard, wrapped up meticulously.

Add vinegar!!! 
Yeah! You heard it right. Though you might not like the smell of the vinegar, it surely helps in preventing the colours to fade away. And, what you'll like is that the smell of vinegar also goes away as you wash them!

Do not over dry the clothes 
There are some delicate clothes of men which can tear off, if you over dry it. As the result, they may fade out the colour and hence make it look dull and shoddy.

Avoid drying in sun 
If possible you should try and avoid drying the clothes under the sun as it can bleach the fabric. Especially, the clothes which are very slick, you have to take special care of them.

Select the proper washing cycle 
If you are washing it in the machine, you need to select the washing cycle according to the fabric. If selected randomly, it can have adverse effect on the clothes.

Hope these tips on retaining the colour of the men's clothes will help you immensely.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Indian Sherwani and Lehenga Best Attire for Engagement Ceremony

Indian weddings are colorful, traditional, glittery and exciting affairs. The engagement ceremony, mehendi, sangeet and many other pre-wedding functions make a perfect setting to enjoy the occasion of marriage, and bring in a good dose of music, fun, and happiness. For the perfect wedding, the wedding ensemble for the bride and groom also has to be outstanding. A stylish collection of sherwani for the groom, and a colorful range of wedding lehengas, suits, and sarees for the bride can make the marriage a memorable affair. Bridal accessories like Kundan jewelry sets adorn the bride and make her look like a princess on the special day.
The Sagai or the engagement ceremony is celebrated in almost all the cultures across India, and is a very important pre-marriage function. The engagement ceremony is celebrated in a variety of ways which is majorly attended by the loved ones of the family. The exchange of wedding rings and small ceremonies revolving around the day make the engagement day even more special. A bride is very particular about her wedding lehenga or saree, and is equally excited about the attire which she's going to wear on her engagement day.
Much before the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom's families indulge in shopping, which starts before the engagement day. The real fun, however, begins with the shopping for the bride's and groom's attire. Starting from the sherwani, wedding lehenga, Kundan jewelry sets, the bride and groom require different set of clothing, jewelry and accessories for the engagement and wedding.
So, while making preparations for the d-day, prepare a checklist of what you need to buy before the marriage, classify them into separate categories like jewelry, clothes, apparel, accessories, the wedding day outfit, and engagement attire. Nowadays, not just the bride, but even the groom is very meticulous about his fashion statement. He also shops extensively for his wedding, matching the color palette of his sherwani, juttis and sehra (turban), and gives tough competition to the bride. Many grooms also experiment with the Indo-western suits for an exclusive look. However, one thing for the groom to consider is that the sherwani worn by him should not be too loud in embellishments or color palette, and a similar rule applies for the bride's attire.
Jewelry plays an integral part in every Indian wedding. A piece of suggestion for would-be brides is to find the most affordable and best jewelry designer to shop for jewels, that will match with the engagement and wedding attire. Kundan jewelry sets are one of the best sellers for weddings. The bride can also experiment with a choker necklace in Polki settings for the engagement to give a rich, traditional look to her ensemble.
Nowadays, the groom and bride prefer to color co-ordinate their wedding attire for the marriage and other functions. In such cases, sherwanis and wedding lehengas are available in a wide range of colors, which help them to pick up the perfect garb for weddings. Fashion designers also introduce a lot of new designs and styles for the wedding attire, and offer customization according to the wearer's choice, which leave the modern day brides and grooms spoilt for choice. So, plan ahead for your wedding day, and enjoy the shopping excursions while they last!