Monday, June 25, 2012

What to think when searching life insurance

When we think that searching for the best life insurance company that will help us in the future is difficult, the internet is the best way to find out which life insurance program is the right for us. Nowadays, there are so many life insurance websites that we can use to search for a lot of references for your research about the best life insurance company. However, in my opinion, the company is not the only one that we have to think about when we are looking for insurance. There are some other things that we also need to consider when searching for insurance. What are they?
First thing first, when looking for the best life insurance for you is to find out which one gives you the widest coverage. The more coverage it gives you the better benefits you will get later on. Next, after you find the widest coverage from those life insurances companies, what you have to do is to look at your wallet and think about the affordability of the insurance program that you will buy. By looking at all of those considerations, you will know which life insurance program that benefits you the most. 

Payday loans: The requirements to meet

             Have you ever heard about payday loan? Perhaps, you have heard it somewhere, yet you are not sure about what exactly it is. Payday loan is now becoming favorable among many people to help them out from any financial problem especially to pay for their extra needs in a month. Payday loans is a short-term loan that is commonly used to pay some bills or in other words, it is used to cover your spending needs. There is some requirements needed before you are legally able to apply for it. However, you do not have to worry that much because the requirements are very easy to fulfill.
             The very first requirement is that you need to be eighteen years old or above to be able to ask for the help legally. If you are below eighteen, you will not be welcomed. Besides, you need to have regular income because this loan uses your next payday loan to pay for your debt in a month. Therefore, having regular income is necessary. Thirdly, saving account is needed to transfer the cash. Hence, make sure that you have a saving account to make all the things easy. If all requirements have been met, just apply it directly. Helps You to Find the Best Car Insurance for Your Car

            It will never be easy to choose the best car insurance for your car. You have to think about it very well first before you apply one. The good thing for you is that now you will not only be able to apply it offline, but also online, because auto insurance is very common to see also these days in the internet. There are a lot of car insurance companies that offer their services online to get and attract more customers to apply for car insurance for their cars. And of course, applying for car insurance online will give you more advantages and benefits than apply it directly to the company. The only problem that might appear to you is which car insurance service that is the best for you to choose.
            Because of that, tries to help you to choose the best car insurance for your car. This site provides complete and detailed information about some car insurance companies available that have good rates. Besides that, it also allows you to get quotes from some car insurance companies available in this site very easily and very quickly, so that you do not need to waste so much time only to find the best car insurance for your car. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Keep Your Feet Happy With Radii Shoes

If you are dressing up for any special occasion, it is important to give a complete look to your outfit with matching footwear. Finding the right footwear can be a little confusing because it has to be comfortable as well as suit your clothes for all occasions. Radii footwear is among the few brands, which offer fashionable, comfortable and quality footwear at the same time. This brand came into the market in 2008 and within a few years, it became a leader by providing high quality products to its customers. With its creative and innovative designs, it attracted a lot of customers. Basically, it is a California-based company which has branched out to many parts of the world within a shorter span of time. Radii shoes can be purchased in online as well.
Their collection includes casual footwear, sneakers, canvas shoes and joggers for both men and women. Their designers create footwear according to latest trends. Their unmatched quality and designs have made them popular worldwide. Their designs and quality goes hand in hand and this is the secret to their huge success in footwear industry. The most interesting part which has drawn the attention of many people is that, this footwear goes well with all kinds of clothing and suits people of all age groups. If you are person, who is very specific in finding the right footwear, you can be sure of getting the best shoes in this brand.
At first Radii shoes was famous among hip hop stars and joggers. As these people spend a lot of time on their feet, they look for the most comfortable pair of shoes. As this footwear is very stylish, many hip hop singers wore it during their stage performances as well. After which, these shoes became a fashion trend among the youth. This brand specialises in manufacturing joggers and sneakers. People who are fond of urban clothing will definitely like Radii shoes. Sneakers are a major part of urban clothing and they manufacture the most creative and comfortable sneakers. This footwear gives a complete look to the urban clothing trend. This is an internationally recognised brand which is available at affordable rates.
Radii shoes are found to be very classy and stylish as well. They produce shoes in the most attractive colours like red, black, white, orange, gold and silver. However, background is usually blue, so that the designs are highlighted with the bright colours. These bright colours are very attractive on stage and hence, preferred by the hip hop singers. Also, bold colours are key characteristic features of urban clothing trend. So, people buy these Radii shoes to wear with their urban outfit. Radii shoes are not gender biased, but they have a few shoes in certain colours which are suitable only for girls. Footwear for women is designed with feminine colours such as pink and other light colours.
The expert team which designs the Radii shoes properly analyzes the market and the customer requirements. As they are very much aware of the needs of customers, they produce the most comfortable shoes and sneakers. They make sure that their shoes match all kinds of personality. They use high quality raw material and the soles are usually made up of metallic or gummy leather.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Various Types of Long Skirts Worn By Women

The beauty of long skirts is incomparable as it is considered chic and elegant. Although there are different varieties of western dresses available, the popularity of this unique piece of clothing has hardly diminished. As it can be worn to any occasion, it is considered to be the most essential dress in every wardrobe. As it is a modest form of dress, a large number of women choose long skirts rather than mini skirts and short skirts.
Today there are a huge variety of long skirts available at various price rates. Gone are the days when these apparels included a flowing gown from top to the bottom. Today it is available in different styles and designs to suit different body types.
Some Attractive Varieties
Straight skirts: This type of apparel is extremely stylish and elegant. It is usually worn on formal occasions though it can also be worn on casual occasions. Some of these women wears have slits at the back where as some have slits at the sides. Some of them have slits in the front too. It is available in various types of fabrics including satin, silk, cotton and polyester. It can be chosen according the type of occasion.
Wrap skirts: The wrap skirts are suitable for all body types. It is usually wrapped at the waist and appears sophisticated. It is very popular and widely worn on special occasions. It is available in most of the online and offline stores at affordable price rates. It is also available in different types of fabrics.
A-line skirt: It appears elegant on all body types. It can be worn with a short jacket or blouse. If the skirt includes patterns or flowers, it would be elegant to wear plain colored blouse.
Ruffled skirt: Another variety of long skirt includes the ruffled skirt which appears elegant on lean body type. As it exudes a large appearance, it is not suitable for women on the heavier side as they may tend to appear larger.
Mermaid skirts: These types of apparels have tight fittings near the waist and the hips which extend to the knees. The bottom part of these women wears is quite unique as it flares down which appear similar to a mermaid. It exudes an elegant appearance when worn by tall and slim women.
Long skirts with laces: There are beautiful dresses with laces and frills which add to the beauty of the wearer. Laced skirts are available in different varieties which include different fabrics and colors to suit different preferences.
Flowing skirts: There are apparels which commonly known as the flowing summer skirts. It reaches up to the ankles and is quite comfortable. It is available in a wide variety of floral prints and designs. Cotton is the most common fabric used in these apparels.
Box pleated skirts: These long frocks have pleats which appear quite stylish and chic. It is ideal for all body types. Moreover as it includes number of pleats, it is quite comfortable compared to the tight attires.
Most of these exclusive varieties of apparels can be bought easily from the online stores at various price rates.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To Wear or Not to Wear Designer Shoes?

We all know that designer shoes can be pretty expensive. They are available in a wide range of designs, colours and cater for men and women. Sometimes, it seems an awful lot of waste of precious money to buy such stuff when you could get pretty shoes for the half the price on the streets. You may, however, need to consider a lot of factors while making the decision of whether to buy or not to buy them.
Normally, we think that these exotic shoes are only for celebrities, fashion models and for the ultra rich and famous. However, things are changing in the market today. This is no longer true, as there are many fashion designers mushrooming by the day producing wares that are reasonably priced. Many people also opt for fakes, as these are less expensive. However, they may not offer the best quality and workmanship and may not last as long as the real thing. The original brands can offer the best quality, comfort and sophistication.
Many men and women have the requirement for such designer shoes, as they might be working in high class companies and will have to look sophisticated enough to match the surroundings. However, you must be a little practical while selecting the style of this footwear. If your job entails a lot of walking, it would not be advisable to select high heels, but rather opt for other styles. You will need to consider whether you really have occasions for wearing such shoes. Select a neutral colour so that you can match it with many of your outfits. It would be a good idea to select black or neutral footwear, for instance, as it would complement any outfit.
Designer shoes are very appropriate for important occasions, such as your first date or meeting some important business clients and so on. You can go in for boots or mid heels or even flats. Mid heels can be very comfortable and are available in different sandal type such as flip flops or the platform style. You can also select the strapped ones or the wedge type as they are both trendy and comfortable. For instance, there are the wedge ankle boots that are made of high quality leather. The design is available in different colours and has a zip on the side. You can team these with skinny jeans and sport the perfect casual look for a fun weekend. Alternatively, there are mid heel sandals that can become an essential part of your wardrobe and are made of the best patent leather.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Definitive Denim

In a world where denim has grown into a multi-million pound industry, the choices can sometimes be mind boggling for the consumer. Browsing a catalogue or taking a walk around a menswear store can be a daunting task on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans, when you don't necessarily know what jeans are going to fit well or why one pair is so much more expensive than others. You see words such as 'selvage', 'raw denim', 'pre washed' hanging from the swing tags and the tendency can be to walk away bemused rather than to ask a member of staff about the difference. All this before you then throw whether you want a slim fit, boot cut, regular fit or loose fit into the mix.
After a quick scout around the Internet there doesn't seem to be one particular site that has tackled this issue head on leading me to write this article in an attempt to take away the stigma that designer denim has surrounding it.
Raw Denim
Dry / raw / unwashed denim are some of the terms that you might see associated with this particular style. As you might have gathered from the last sentence it is denim that is unwashed after being dyed in the production phase. The result is a very strong colouration which through time will naturally wear away in certain areas of stress and general wear and tear. Although stiffer when first worn, raw denim is a must for some denim connoisseurs who love the breaking in process and the results that it brings with it. Areas such as the knees and thighs as the months go on will begin to fade and wear away, giving it a very personal 'lived in' effect.
It is said that you shouldn't wash raw denim for at least 6 months. Through this time your unwashed jeans will have time to develop their own stress areas and the dye will naturally fade. Washing them before this time will result in the dye pouring out of the jeans and the jeans shrinking slightly. It's a personal choice as to when to wash raw denim. Some people will go to lengths of putting their jeans in the freezer to kill off bacteria and give them another few weeks' worth of wear.
Selvage Denim
Selvage or selvedge denim is usually at the top end of the price range of a certain brand of jeans. Although they might not initially look like they are worth the extra expense, they harbour a fantastic piece of craftsmanship which is the selvage edge. Through the passage of time, denim of inferior quality will naturally fray and has to be stitched on the edge to prevent this happening. A selvage edge prevents this from happening and is created from one continual cross thread which is passed all the way down the edge of the fabric.
A selvage edge is identifiable by the two colour stitch which is still applied decades on. A popular way to wear selvage jeans is to upturn the hem of the trousers so the stitched panel is visible. Longevity and durability are the key features of selvage denim.
Washed Denim
Just as raw denim is popular amongst some denim connoisseurs, washed denim also has a large following for reasons exactly the opposite to that of raw. Pre-washed denim has already gone through a washing process to give it an aged look. This saves the consumer the hassle of having to 'break in' the jeans. The washing process gives it a much softer feel and the jeans won't bleed as much dye when washed again once purchased. Artificial abrasions and faded areas are sometimes added to enhance the worn in effect that washed denim offers. Denim enthusiasts are in general against wearing washed denim as it goes against their love of creating their own individual jeans
Japanese Denim
Usually you will find that Japanese denim will be at the top end of the price point on jeans for men. This is usually down to Japanese denim being seen as the best. Large brands such as Stone Island and Evisu use Japanese denim for this reason. Old style Japanese looms produce softer, darker, richer and higher quality denim.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Best Way to Wear Leggings This Season

As always, leggings are back in fashion and have been adapted to suit this season's hottest trends. Currently, there are so many different outfits that can be created from this leg wear that is bang on trend this season.
Firstly, one of the biggest trends to make waves this season is animal print and of course leopard print is back! Yet again, this wilderness inspired look has caught on and been worn by many famous faces as well as causing a frenzy on the high street. On the catwalks, designer Betsy Johnson led the way with head to toe leopard print outfits, which sparked the trend. Celebrities such as Pixie Lott and Paloma Faith have been spotted wearing animal print leg wear and most recently Fearne Cotton was seen wearing turquoise leopard print leggings, as well as Little Mix member Jesy Nelson following the leg wear trend. This is one of the best ways to wear leggings this season; invest in some with an animal print and then create the rest of the outfit around them, choosing basic neutral colours such as black. These are great for dressing up an outfit and wearing for a night out with heels as well as casually during the day time with your favourite high tops.
Aztec prints are also on trend this season so why not invest in some printed leggings to make the most of this look? Leg wear has been a key piece in this trend and no Aztec-style outfit is complete without yours. For those who may be conscious of their legs, this print may not be the best one for you as they are often horizontal stripes which don't flatter larger legs. Something that does flatter legs however is vertical stripe leggings which have come to the forefront of fashion recently. This trend started with black and white striped jeans and now the high street have turned to leggings for a more flexible inexpensive garment in the same pattern; these will elongate the legs and can again be worn day or night for an on-trend look!
Basic coloured leggings are always easy to wear and can be adapted for each season. For the fall months, wear key colours such as burgundy, jade green, burnt orange and neutral grey and brown hues on your legs. Whereas in the spring months, it's worth investing in some bright colours such as purples and pinks, as well as pastel tones and tie dye prints for a laid back summer look. If you're looking towards spring/summer then of course a key trend will be floral and fruit inspired prints, and there are lots of leggings with these prints. If floral prints for spring bore you and you want something more ahead of the fashion pack then look for some paisley print leggings as this is a big trend this season.
Check out the catwalk shows to get inspiration for looks that will keep you well ahead of the fashion packs! Ripped and lace leggings are a great alternative fashion look especially in darker colours for the fall months, and the glamour goth look is coming back. Another great way to get outfit inspiration is to keep an eye on what the celebrities are wearing, and take tips on how not to wear your leggings in some cases.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Greek Sweatshirts

There's a lot to be said about the impact of Greek life on campus. Whether you are a member of a fraternity or a sorority you'll want to announce your pride in having secured a place and escaped dorm life and an increasing number of suppliers are happy to help you with a range of clothing ranging from Greek sweatshirts to accessories and custom screen prints of all shapes and sizes.
With the end of the semester here, many places are seeing runs on productions of customized Greek clothes such as graduation stoles or clothing suitable for celebrating summer and the seasons to come. The end of the year is bringing all sorts of opportunities to let your hair down and enjoy the lighter side of life, but that's no reason to start disregarding some of the basic rules of how you present yourself.
We're all proud of our affiliations - and why not? As many people will testify, joining the Greek system is one of the best things you can do in terms of giving yourself the opportunities to develop and take advantage of the help of your fellow Greeks. But there's one rule that you'd be advised to bear in mind at all times - when you're wearing Greek clothes, don't double letter.
What on earth is double lettering? It's one of those superstitions that almost have the force of an unwritten law, and it's basically one of not wearing more than one item with Greek lettering on at a time. That means, for example, that under the Greek sweatshirts worn for the evening, you shouldn't also be wearing a Greek polo shirt. In some circles it's why the 'no tattoo' rule doesn't even get broken for Greek lettering - otherwise whatever you wear you're in danger of breaking the rule.
And yet there's something almost magnetic about Greek clothes - quite aside from the pride and sense of shared identity - that can make it hard to resist it. In truth I think it's frowned on because it's a form of laziness. We take pride in our appearance and in our membership, and that comes with standards of dress and turn out that shouldn't be flouted. It's like the thin line between individuality and becoming a hipster, except in the other direction. In this case though it's the fine line between celebrating Greek style and becoming a Greek lettered clotheshorse, no better than anyone slavishly coating themselves in corporate logos.
So think about that while you're browsing the web for jackets or accessories. There's some great custom wear out there, don't get me wrong, but be prepared at the very least for some ribbing if you unzip those Greek sweatshirts to reveal vests over long sleeve t-shirts before grabbing your laptops from your lettered backpacks. If you've gone that far you need to stop, take a step or two back, and reconsider the message you're sending out. That said, it's the end of semester, so get out there and have some fun.
This article discuss about Greek sweatshirts and the options available for celebrating your membership of the Greek system with clothing and accessories. It also takes a slightly wry look at the pitfalls of double-lettering and why pride in your fraternity or sorority can be a fine line to walk sometimes.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Designer Footwear for the Summer

Rider flip flops offer everything from a fully convertible sandal, that's ideal for summer hikes and long evening walks, to beachwear like the Swim. They are a one piece, highly durable flip flop that does away with the toe post but keep themselves attached to any foot shape with a taper strap. A soft EVA insole cushions the feet, so this design is ideal for everyday use.
The Ink are Rider's least expensive flip flops. They are a Brazilian Beach flip flop, so contains a toe post and narrow rubber straps. They are made from unique materials that are non-absorbent and quick drying, so are ideal for wearing to the beach. Although they are cheaper than other Rider flip flops, they are just as durable. They are also flexible and can even be bent back onto themselves. But they are strong enough not to thin out under the heel.
TOMS Shoes
TOMS footwear offer a diverse range of espadrilles, which includes a collection of shoes made from no animal by-products. The Vegan range contains canvas shoes which are ideal for long summer evenings and come in a wide selection of colours and styles. Their range of Stitchout shoes are equally comfortable and just as durable, and are great for lazy summer days on the beach. In keeping with the company's ethos of 'One for One', with every new pair of shoes you buy, the company will provide a new pair of shoes for a child in need.
Birkenstock describe themselves as the healthy choice. Their footwear is based on the natural form of the foot and helps to keep feet healthy by distributing the body's weight evenly. This creates comfort and wellbeing. This season their range includes the Gizeh. This thong style shoe is made from natural leather and is designed for casual or formal wear. Comfort comes from the adjustable strap and shock absorbent EVA sole.
The two strap Arizona is available in leather, suede, Birko Flor or nubuk uppers. A cork latex footbed and EVA sole make this a comfortable shoe to wear no matter what the occasion.
Zen Air
If you want a classic flip flop style but with additional comfort, you should check out the Zen Air range. The Zen 5111 Sport Nero is a flip flop with a cushioned insole and rubber sole. They are long lasting sandals with a classical design, so will look good for many summers to come. Combined with a pair of casuals shorts and a short sleeved shirt, these are the type of flip flops you could wear anywhere from the office to the beach.
The Zen 5108 Horse Bruciato Leather Comfort Sandals are similar in design to the Birkenstock Arizona, but they have a heel support for additional comfort. This offers a more secure fit, so they are ideal for any foot shape. The leather upper offers some protection and with these shoes a lot more of your feet are covered, so these would be good for navigating rocky beaches.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3 Tips for Buying a Designer Kurti

As the credits begin to roll across the screen marking the end of your Bollywood movie your mind races back to several fabulous scenes. The men were handsome, but the women were absolutely gorgeous dancing through the streets showing off the elegance of a well-made designer kurti. You still feel as though you are somehow right there in the middle of the excitement when the cat shatters your wonderful daydream by flopping unceremoniously into your lap. Popcorn cascades everywhere. The cat licks its paws while you clean the mess and wonder how to buy an outfit that when worn would bring back that same fabulous feeling of beauty and fashion that you had while watching the movie. If this is your story too, just follow these 3 tips for buying your designer kurtis.
Women of India have always known that a designer kurti is extremely comfortable and trendy. These traditional long tunic type blouses can be worn for very casual affairs to very formal functions. The range of materials alone offers any woman a great selection of garments at different price levels. These long tunics are made from cottons, silks, georgette, chiffons, and art silks. They can be worn with jeans, salwars, and dupattas. So, what types of designer kurtis are practical for everyday use? Here's the first tip. As mentioned earlier it is important to choose a garment that is comfortable. When you feel good others can easily see that reflected in your stance and facial expressions. To this end, try a traditional garment made with cotton or silk. Kora silk and Indian crepe are also good choices. Don't be afraid to buy a tunic that is sleeveless as this is a trend nowadays. Jeans will complete your comfortable casual look.
The amazing versatility of the designer kurti allows it to be worn to work or to casual outings or even to formal events like weddings. Here are some tips for buying elegant designer kurtis for those special occasions. Try a tunic made with a more expensive fabric such as georgette or Kora silk. Heads will turn when you enter the room dressed in a Venetian red and black garment made of a crinkled silk blend with metallic wire. The yoke of the round neck could be embellished with antique sequin. Wear this tunic with long sleeves that have cuffs embellished with antique sequin. Add a gold lace hem and sit back to watch the open-mouthed expressions of the other guests.
Before buying an automobile the savvy consumer does some shopping around first to determine the variety and quality of vehicles available. She wants to actually put her hands on the car to feel that leather interior. In this manner her due diligence in the matter helps to reduce anxiety when the decision is made to actually buy the car. The same due diligence should be employed when shopping for a designer kurti. The internet has made buying everything as easy as clicking a mouse, but if possible visit the actual retailer to see and literally touch and try on the clothes that you will be buying. Feel the stitching and the smoothness of the silk and texture of the embroidery. Have some questions written down to ask the salesperson. Remember these tips to take the anxiety out of buying designer kurtis.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Latest Lehenga Trends

Whether you are looking for your very first lehenga or something to invigorate your collection of lehengas there are great fashions in style right now. A few of the head turning trends that we will talk about are sure to catch your eye and make its way into your closet. This year designers are making a splash as they artfully present bold fashions on the runways and in the stores. Read on to find out what themes are in style right now.
Color is a major factor in the latest trends. Red is a color trend that is always in. Red commands attention and is highly preferred for many occasions, but multicolored designs are making their presence known. Dynamic uses of contrasting colors are popular this year. If you would like to look enchanting, you are in luck. This year's runway trends are designed to make the wearer look like she's stepped directly out of a fairy tale painting. These lehenga designs are achieved by fusing a spectrum of colors together. Color combinations like pinks with greens, purples with blues, or oranges with yellows are blended together beautifully for colorful garments that stand out in a crowd. Columns and rows are another way designers are mixing and matching colors in new ways. Color patterns with two or more colors are the latest in lehengas and look great worn in mermaid style.
Another growing trend for the lehenga is heavy embroidery. Embroidery has been the defining factor of many designs, and this year designers are not holding back. There are more patterns being placed on the overall garments with thicker embellishments creating a more regal look. These louder designs stand out in any crowd and speak to the confidence and prosperity of the wearer. Plain fabric is getting less common, and some designs are so thick that the fabrics play little, if any, role in the look of the garments. Big and beautiful patterns with heavy embroidery are trendy and grabbing attention.
Borders on lehengas exist for more than accent, and at times the borders are the most decorated portion of the garment. This year the designs are even bigger and bolder. The growing tendency toward wider borders is partially due to the introduction of the double border and what I call the "travelling border." Double borders are created by embroidering two different border designs that are parallel or sewing an extra fabric usually of a contrasting color on to the bottom of the garment. These methods add texture to the design and draw attention all the way down the fabric. What I mean when I refer to a "travelling border" is a border design that extends the usual area considered a border into the larger portion of the garment. The embroidery acts like an icicle. These are especially trendy bridal choices, but they are compliment ready at any occasion.
Now that you have read about the latest in styles and designs you are ready to make a splash with your next purchase. These latest trends were meant to spark excitement whether it is your first time picking a lehenga or you've been doing it for years. Consider wearing one of these new trendy styles to your next event, and make a great impression. These lehengas are made to be admired.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Contemporary Draping Styles of Bollywood Sarees

As Bollywood actresses invade the show business industry in their sheer talent; they are also making waves in the fashion industry with their Bollywood sarees. Stemming from India's traditional piece of clothing, the once traditional Bollywood saris are now made from a variety of materials and are worn in a variety of ways. It has had its influences from world-renowned fashion designers and is now being used for many occasions other than the traditional Indian weddings and gatherings.
One of the most popular styles that Bollywood saris are modernly worn is the nivi. In this kind of style, on end of the sari is tucked in the waistband which the loose end is draped on the shoulder. For purposes of free movement, there are those that pass the loose pleats through the legs which is then tucked on the waistband.
The Maharashtrian way of draping Bollywood saris makes use of a sari that measure nine meters or more. In this draping style, the center of the sari is placed at the back of the wearer. Its ends are then tied in the front. The remaining ends are wrapped around the legs then passed over the shoulder. Men also make use of this draping style but with much shorter Bollywood sarees.
Cholis that feature modern puffy sleeves will greatly benefit from the draping style that is known as Bengali. The Bollywood saris that make use of this style have no pleats and will therefore focus the attention on the embroideries and design of the choli. The pallus (the loose ends) of the Bollywood sarees used features some keys that allow it to fall over the shoulder.
The Dravidian style of draping Bollywood sarees is positioned at the waist. It makes use of a saree that has a pleated rosette. This style of draping is very popular among Tamil nadu women. 
In the Gujarati style of draping, the loose end of the Bollywood saree is placed over the right shoulder. This style veers away from the traditional draping of the pallu which is usually over the left shoulder. This style is used by modern Indian women in special occasions and gatherings. The Bollywood sari used features an eye-catching pallu.

The Mundum Neryathum is a style that is worn in Kerala. The Bollywood saree that is used in this kind of draping is one that features gold designs canvassed on unbleached cotton. This saree used is a two-piece saree.
The Gond style is achieved by draping Bollywood sarees over the wearer's left shoulder. It is then arranged in such a way that it is able to cover the body. There is no particular style that is used in placing the Bollywood saris over the body.
What used to be just a piece of cloth used to cover the Indian women's breasts during the tribal times has now evolved into an intricately designed material that is beautifully draped to feature a woman's unique body. With all the numerous styles and designs that it is made available now for all the women across the world to wear; Bollywood sarees sure has come a long way from its ancient roots.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

7 Most Popular Saree Blouse Designs of All Times

A sari is an integral part of the wardrobe an Indian women and every woman looks for good saree blouse designs to go along with her sari. It is probably the only unstitched piece of fabric in the world which can be worn in so many different ways. A sari is 6 yards long and covers whole body with its drape but it still makes a woman look so gorgeous and feminine.
A blouse and a petticoat are an integral part of the process of draping a sari perfectly and some people go as far to say that the cut, design and look of a blouse can make or break a sari. Therefore, it is very important that you wear a great blouse along with your gorgeous sari. So here are 7 most popular saree blouse designs ever:
• Chinese collar: if you want a formal look to go with your sari, blouse with Chinese collars are probably your best bet. Not only they lend a professional appeal to the look, but they also look good on everyone, no matter what your age or body shape.
• Knot tied at front: this is one sexy blouse. To imagine this look, you would have to go back to the days when Dimple wore them in the hit Bollywood movie Bobbie and made these simple knots sexy and feminine. Again, this blouse suits women of every body shape. Just keep in mind the occasion you will be wearing them for. Wear these saree blouse designs to the occasions where you want to feel and look feminine and Diva.
• Strings at back: this is yet another classic blouse design. When in doubt, you can always count on this blouse design to lend a feminine appeal to your look. In this design, back is mostly left bare, except the string joining the shoulder straps or the strings crisscrossing. It all depends on how you want it.
• A backless with three quarter sleeves: this blouse design is a good choice when you want to look classy with just a hint of sexiness. This blouse looks elegant and very conservative in from because of its three quarter sleeves and the backless back of the blouse adds that much required womanly charm to the whole look.
• Cholis with various cuts: this is one of the most popular cuts available. Favored by many celebrities of the cinema world, this blouse style was copied by many women all over the nation. These types of blouse were originally worn by Rajasthan women. But because of it charm, interesting cuts and eye catching color and embroidery work, these cholis were a hit among masses. You can wear these cholis to occasions like festival celebrations etc.
• Sweetheart neckline: this neckline is not only popular in sari blouses, but also in various tops and evening dresses. Because of its adorable cut and design which add a feminine charm to every outfit, no wonder it is universally popular neckline. If you are looking for something sober, sweet and feminine, this is the blouse design to go for.
• Blouses with transparent full sleeves: these blouses are all the rage nowadays because of its old world charm. The nearly transparent sleeves made of net, lace or sheer fabric, both hide and reveals at the same time. This adds the hint of mischief in the all elegant look of the sari. No wonder it is one of the most favored saree blouse designs these days.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How NOT to Wear A Saree

The wedding is magnificent and colorful. The scent of exotic, tropical flowers wafts around the excited participants, lifting and enlivening the celebration. Loud, boisterous music fills the crowded room. You have chosen to wear a traditional Indian dress. But something is terribly wrong. As you enter the hall you see and feel the weight of glaring eyes upon you, especially those of the mother of the bride. A twisting knot begins to form in your stomach as you finally realize that your clothes may not be as appropriate as you first thought. And then, as you step back to exit the scene, your heel catches on the material that you so haphazardly slung over your left shoulder when dressing. The fall, which was loud and disruptive, was caused by the improper length of that fabric. While attempting to stand up and recoup some form of dignity, the top of the dress falls off your shoulder, inviting further gasps from the stunned guests. Furthermore your cleavage stands out like Dolly Parton's because your blouse was too low-cut. And finally, the remaining un-even pleats you made fall out completely because your petticoat was too loose. This scenario is a good example of how NOT to wear a saree; that simple but elegant time-honored Indian traditional dress. So, avoid these embarrassing fashion faux pas by following some easy tips.
The saree comes in many different styles and materials and there are various ways of wearing it depending on the location. Choosing one that fits a particular personality and character won't be a problem. When buying this beautiful garment you should remember the following tips. Always purchase a nicely fitting petticoat to go under the dress. By that, I mean a tightly fitting petticoat that cannot be seen while standing. The wearer will accomplish two important fashion standards by following this advice. First you will avoid the taboo of showing your petticoat under the dress and secondly, you will be able to keep your dress tucked in properly, including the pleats.
The blouse or choli is also a very important piece of your outfit when wearing a saree. Traditional fashion in India dictates that the blouse should sufficiently cover the breasts of the wearer. Usually the blouse is short, exposing the midriff. This is fine. The blouse also serves another purpose. When wrapping the dress, a part of it is worn over your left shoulder reaching down to about the back of the knee. This section usually exhibits the beautifully decorated pallu. The blouse provides an area to pin that extra material on the left shoulder so it does not fall off. It is considered in bad taste when the dress falls off the shoulder.
There are a few other equally important tips to consider when wearing a saree. While wrapping the dress, the pleats which are worn toward the front of the garment are folded and tucked into the petticoat. These pleats should always be neat and evenly folded. Additionally, don't wear your dress too long or too short. Just barely exposing the toes means the dress is just the right length. Finally, put these tips into action to avoid embarrassment when wearing your traditional dress.

Monday, February 13, 2012

It's a Wrap - Try These Fun Saree Styles for Variety

The colors, sounds, and flavors of India literally explode upon the senses of all its visitors. The wonderful Indian people display all manner of traditional clothing and fashion. Time and culture have transformed the art of wearing India's traditional dress into many different forms and styles. Sarees have been a part of Indian culture for 5000 years. Its longevity can be attributed to its simplicity, elegance and ease of wearing. Today you will have a chance to learn about two styles of dress from two different regions of India. From Andhra Pradesh we'll learn the Nivi style. From Gujarat we'll learn the Gujarati style. So, pour out some tea, relax and try these fun saree styles for variety.
Sitting low on the eastern coast of India is the celebrated state of Andhra Pradesh. This lovely area draws over 3 million visitors each year. The beautiful Nivi style of wrapping the saree originated here. The Nivi style is actually the most popular of the styles. It is necessary to have a properly fitting choli and petticoat with any style of wrapping. Begin the Nivi style by wrapping the material around the waist once in a counter- clockwise direction while tucking as you go. This step must be done with the plain end at the top while making sure that the bottom touches the floor but does not drag. Put the remaining material into your right hand and begin making the 5 inch pleats starting at the tuck. You will make about 10 pleats. Hold the finished pleats in your right hand to even them out. Now, tuck these into your tight fitting petticoat below the navel. Wrap the garment once more in a counter-clockwise fashion while tucking as you go. Pin the rest of the garment with the decorative end over your left shoulder. This decorative end is called the pallu and adds great elegance to your sarees when worn properly.
Now imagine yourself on the western coast of India, in one of the most diverse states in the country. Gujarat is that state well known as the homeland of Mahatma Gandhi and other legendary activists. Now imagine yourself at one of the more than 3000 fairs and festivals each year in Gujarat wearing a saree in the stunning Gujarati style. Here is how to bring that amazing look to life. Begin just as you would with the Nivi style by wrapping the material around your waist one time in a counter-clockwise direction and tucking it in so that the material just barely touches the floor. Fold the pleats while making sure that the folds are even. Tuck them in just below the navel. Then, wrap the rest of the material around the back and bring it forward over the right shoulder. Lastly, wrap the pallu around the back of the waist before pinning or tucking it. Sarees worn in this fashion are elegant and beautiful.
We have crossed the sub-continent in search of differing methods of wrapping a saree and found a great variety indeed. As we walked the crowded streets of each region we breathed in the distinctive images and sounds of lives full of traditions passed down through thousands of years. And we have benefited from those same traditions by joining in the fun of learning how to wear sarees.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lehengas, Tall Tales and Short Stories

The alarm clock chimes waking you from a sound sleep. The inevitable yawn and stretch allow your body to adjust to being awake. The bathroom looms before you as you suddenly realize that nature is calling loudly. The bathroom door closes as you look into the mirror with a start! "How did this happen?" you yell. There was once a very shapely young woman staring out of the mirror, but now someone slightly different is there. This story occurs countless times around the world. The truth is that time is just not that kind on the human. When the body changes, so does the style of clothing. There is hope, however. Lehengas are made with different materials and styles that compliment every shape. Just follow these tips on how to buy the right one. You'll look wonderful in your lehenga when you do.
Having children has changed your body dynamics. Perhaps you aren't as slim around the middle and that beautiful, maroon brocade lehenga from a couple of years ago just won't fit. The first thing to do is to stay calm. The great number of available fabrics and colors and styles will allow you to choose the ones that are right for you. In this case you want to create the illusion of slimness. Choose lehengas with a single cut panel. Also wear colors that are slightly darker. Choose a garment made with softer materials. Heavier fabrics are true to their name and probably wouldn't make a very good match. Chiffon is a wonderful match for you. Your choli can be longer and don't be afraid to accompany your outfit with a dupatta. The most important thing to remember is that any woman can find just the right garment to compliment her own beauty.
A slimmer, taller woman requires a different approach. When considering your lehenga use fabrics that add some thickness to your line. More choices may be available to you as your figure lends itself to a wider range of fabrics and colors and styles. A shorter choli with a slightly lower cut can enhance the longer neck line. Brocades are fine when considering any piece of your attire. Lehengas with heavier embroidery will definitely help to enhance your slim and tall figure. You can afford to use more material in your outfits as this will not take away that elegant appearance you are trying to perfect.
Lehengas come in a dazzling array of styles. They can be made of materials like silk, brocade, cotton, net, chiffon, or georgette. Luckily for the modern woman, many styles have been developed to fit every need. The straight cut is the more traditional style that fits just about any body type and shape. If you are still unsure about the style that fits your personality, start with this one. The mermaid style was "tailor-made" for the woman with the extra curvy figure. It really follows the contours of the body and will gain the attention of everyone in the vicinity. The A-line style lehenga is more or less shaped for the woman with wider hips. The circular style and the panel led style are the last two we'll mention. Use the tips above to buy the right one for your personality and body type.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Salwar Kameez: How to Wear It and Care for It

The business meeting was long and stressful. You could hardly wait to run from it all. The party at 7p.m. was promising to be a glorious event. At home your evening attire is lying on the bed, a peach-colored, silk salwar kameez with matching dupatta. The CEO looks at you with a funny grin on his face and finally says, "Go on. Get out of here". When you finally arrive at home and slip on your outfit after showering, the feeling of freedom pervades your spirit. Your clothes fit perfectly and looks wonderful. As you leave for the evening you glance over your shoulder at the mirror in pride. You love your native Indian attire and people love you in it. If that is you or you want that to be you read on to learn how to wear and maintain your authentic Salwar Kameez designs.
It may seem like an open and shut case when it comes to wearing a salwar kameez, but there are some guidelines that if followed could bring the results that you want when you look in the mirror. Let's talk about style and color. There are many salwar kameez designs for many occasions, but the best rule of dress is to consider which flatters your body the best. For example women who are busty or full figured might want to lean toward darker colors and A-line styles while thinner women would probably want to try an anarkali and experiment with a little more texture. Women of darker complexion should consider sticking to darker colors like maroon and browns while lighter complexioned women should consider lighter colors like pinks and light greens. Sticking to colors and cuts of dress that compliment your body will make for a lot of compliments.
Necklines are a very important part of wearing a salwar kameez. The right neckline can redirect attention away from areas that you don't want, and accent your greatest assets. For the woman who wants to draw attention away from her bust a V neckline could do that for you. For the woman who wants a little more height a Chinese collar will make you look taller. For a woman who wants to play herself up a little bit, she could try salwar kameez designs with different neck lines. It is a small change that can make a big impact.
Designs, additives, and embellishments should also be chosen based on your body type. Stripes provide a slimming look while pleats and thicker designs tend to make you look fuller. To draw attention away from your shoulders try more elaborate embellishments around the neckline and avoid straps. To pull in your stomach try wearing a skirt around your waist and use pleats to hide any bulge. To add a little body to your look try a thicker dupatta if you are thinner. Remember that clothes are made to make you look good. You are the centerpiece not the accessory.
Once you have perfected your wardrobe with the salwar kameez designs of your dreams it is important to maintain them. Cleaning and ironing a salwar kameez should be done with extreme care. It is best just to get an expensive and decorative garment cleaned and ironed professionally. Embroidery is delicate and it should be maintained diligently.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fitting in: Your Guide to Greek Apparel

The fraternity system is a mainstay of college and university life, providing a home away from home and an important social support system that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Those ties are strong and well worth celebrating, and how better to celebrate your membership in this important system than to turn your attention to your wardrobe. Take the time to see how Greek apparel styles can make an important statement about your allegiance.
Most people if pressed would admit that while it's not a uniform as such, there is definitely a particular style of Greek clothing that you can use to make yourself stand out. Making the decision to embrace the mainstream in Greek apparel means ditching your quirky or generally branded clothing. You'll never be able to demonstrate your membership of the elite if you're wearing something dragged off the rack at the local outlet mall - turn instead to polo shirts from high end designer names. These are going to be a good all-year item, especially with summer on its way - though don't forget to get some long sleeved buttoned shirts for those more formal occasions or just to switch up every now and then. The occasional t-shirt is acceptable as long as it's sporting your school colors - and this is largely because you're celebrating school spirit which aligns well with the more general aspirations and themes of fraternity life.
In general, Greek clothing shies away from anything that looks distressed, either on purpose or as a result of general wear and tear. Just as the system celebrates success and excellence, you are expected to reflect that in the way that you present yourself to the rest of the world. Being part of the Greek system demands both time and money. It's not just parties, dinners, dances and themed weeks; being accepted will help you with your personal growth and scholarship and promote your leadership qualities. You're not going to be able to leverage the academic support and experience you receive if you can't attract the right sort of attention and your personal grooming is a big part of the growth that you will undergo during your time on campus.
There are an increasing number of places offering advice on how best to celebrate your membership of the Greek system. Some of them are more tongue in cheek than others, focusing on stereotypes and how to either use or sidestep them when assembling your Greek clothing wardrobe. In general though there's an agreement that cargo shorts are not acceptable attire, and neither are pants that are worn too loose. You're not impressing anyone with that look, let alone setting an example.
From shoes to formal wear and accessories, Greek apparel is about style with substance rather than the greatest amount of flash. The discipline of weekly chapter should help reinforce this as instinct and habit as you get used to it, but you may have to work at it at first - and here's where that leadership comes in if you're already part of an organization: there's a new year's intake about to hit the campus and they'll be looking to you to show the way forward.
This article is discussing Greek apparel and the general ethos of Greek clothing styles. The article gives advice in general terms about how to make sure that you dress to fit in and to be able to take pride in your appearance.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Combine Business Casual Clothing With Holiday Jewelry

Holiday jewelry does not have to only be worn only with bold sweaters. Many women make the mistake of celebrating through clothing instead of with tasteful fashion jewelry choices. Holiday themed sweaters often date the wearer or may project a school teacher image. Here are three tips on how to wear holiday jewelry.
Think of jewelry as a way to express your personal holiday spirit. Themed sweaters can date the person wearing the sweater. Wearing a themed Christmas tree scene, religious scene, or Santa Clause themed sweater or shirt should be avoided, especially in the workplace. Wear modern pastel tones for holidays in Spring, instead of Easter themed clothing. Many business environments do not welcome the promotion of a specific religion. Wearing religious themed statement clothing items to work may be misrepresenting the business. However, wearing the symbols of the religion or representations of holy days is acceptable.
Holiday Jewelry
Choose plain or patterned clothing as a back ground to highlight the holiday jewelry pieces. Consider any shape, size, or holiday theme that is appealing. There is a tasteful way to wear Easter, Christmas, or even Halloween jewelry pieces.
80's Vintage Dress
Sweaters that are heavily beaded with jewelry is not currently in style. Wearing additional jewelry with these types of clothing pieces makes the outfit look outdated and not retro. A trendy sweater dress or 80's vintage dress will look better in a solid color or with a simple pattern. Consider wearing fashion jewelry that has been heavily influenced by the 1980's.
Complimentary Colors
Think about the colors of the Holiday season. This could be silver, gold, green, or red. A bold necklace and earring set in red would coordinate perfectly with a sexy slimming black sweater at a holiday party. Pretty green earrings and bracelet would compliment a black or green piece of clothing.
Sets of fashion jewelry that are made of wood, feathers, or crochet may seem a bit too much for daytime. Wear these fashion pieces on weekends for or casual weekend dinners. Try on glamorous pieces of jewelry with business causal clothing. Mixing and matching jewelery sets is one way to tone down a look that may be too fierce.
Even though it may be tempting to wear holiday themed clothing with jewelry don't. if you love bling or items with sparkle, take the focus off the clothes. A more fashionable way to accent your total look is to sparkle through your jewelry.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Secrets For Buying a Cheap Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaids are those ladies who hold the charm at the wedding. For this they need to be dressed in pretty bridesmaid dresses and should have the perfect accessories. But all this sounds pricey as there is not going to be just one bridesmaid in the wedding. In such a case brides generally look for cheap bridesmaid outfits that are cheap only in terms of price.
The following secrets will help you in finding the cheap yet classy bridesmaid outfits-
• Color is the very important factor that needs to be kept in mind while choosing a bridesmaid dress. The color of the dress should complement each and every bridesmaid while complementing the bride's wedding dress as she is going to be the focal point of the evening. As the wedding dress is going to be white in color, a bridesmaid outfit can be in any shade from the same family. You can also go for the simple blue bridesmaid outfits or the simple purple bridesmaid dresses. In order to reduce the cost, going for a simple bridesmaid outfit in a single color without a complicated pattern would be wise.
• The next concern would be the fabric of the dress. Go out in the market and do a little research on the rates of different fabrics. Though chiffon, crepe and Georgette look extremely beautiful, they might cost you a bomb. In such a case you can go for a simple wrinkle free fabric and enhance the look of the dress with a silk lace or sequined work at the neckline.
• The type and style of the bridesmaids dress also depends on the place where the wedding is going to take place. Nowadays weddings are taking place at very innovative locations like underwater, sky etc. in such a case the style of the bridesmaid dress should be appropriate for the location. For instance, if it is a ball room wedding, the bridesmaids outfit can be flowy while if it is a beach wedding, the dress has to be a little short and the fabric should be drip free.
• Style!! The main cost of the bridesmaids outfits depend on the style of the dresses. The more stylish dress you order, the more it will cost you. So before choosing the bridesmaid dress, make sure that you are well aware of the prices of different styles and see which style suits your pocket.
• After you are done selecting a dress it is time you choose the accessories. If you have already invested a lot on the dress make sure that you stick to your budget while selecting the perfect accessories. A perfect selection of accessories can make a cheap bridesmaid outfit look extremely pricey.
You can find cheap yet elegant bridesmaid dresses in UK without any hassle. After all these efforts that you put to find the cheap yet classy bridesmaids outfit, it is all upon the bridesmaids how they carry it.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tips to Retain the Colour and Look of Men's Clothes

If you notice sharply, after every wash the shade of your clothes get dull and the colour starts fading as you use them regularly. Though you can't maintain the essence of the clothes for life long, you can at least take some elaborate steps to avoid colour fading. And, among all, men's clothes are vulnerable to this.
In order to maintain the colour and essence of men's apparel, you can simply follow few tips. And they are:
Do not launder often 
If you launder the clothes every now and then, the colour will surely start fading soon. It is rather advisable to wash the clothes when needed.

Don't be harsh on clothes 
If your mood is upset, you don't have to remove your anger on the clothes. Especially, if you are washing the clothes by hands, you should always be gentle. Being harsh on them can fade out the colour and sometimes tear the shirt/ T-shirt.

Wash dark colour clothes together 
In order to retain the colour of your clothes, it is good to wash all the dark clothes separately. They tend to fade off the colour easily and might smear on light coloured clothes.

Fold or Hang your clothes 
There are some clothes which don't need to be folded and some which are designed to be hanged on a hanger. You should always take care of this. Also, the clothes which you don't wear often are better to be placed in the cupboard, wrapped up meticulously.

Add vinegar!!! 
Yeah! You heard it right. Though you might not like the smell of the vinegar, it surely helps in preventing the colours to fade away. And, what you'll like is that the smell of vinegar also goes away as you wash them!

Do not over dry the clothes 
There are some delicate clothes of men which can tear off, if you over dry it. As the result, they may fade out the colour and hence make it look dull and shoddy.

Avoid drying in sun 
If possible you should try and avoid drying the clothes under the sun as it can bleach the fabric. Especially, the clothes which are very slick, you have to take special care of them.

Select the proper washing cycle 
If you are washing it in the machine, you need to select the washing cycle according to the fabric. If selected randomly, it can have adverse effect on the clothes.

Hope these tips on retaining the colour of the men's clothes will help you immensely.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Indian Sherwani and Lehenga Best Attire for Engagement Ceremony

Indian weddings are colorful, traditional, glittery and exciting affairs. The engagement ceremony, mehendi, sangeet and many other pre-wedding functions make a perfect setting to enjoy the occasion of marriage, and bring in a good dose of music, fun, and happiness. For the perfect wedding, the wedding ensemble for the bride and groom also has to be outstanding. A stylish collection of sherwani for the groom, and a colorful range of wedding lehengas, suits, and sarees for the bride can make the marriage a memorable affair. Bridal accessories like Kundan jewelry sets adorn the bride and make her look like a princess on the special day.
The Sagai or the engagement ceremony is celebrated in almost all the cultures across India, and is a very important pre-marriage function. The engagement ceremony is celebrated in a variety of ways which is majorly attended by the loved ones of the family. The exchange of wedding rings and small ceremonies revolving around the day make the engagement day even more special. A bride is very particular about her wedding lehenga or saree, and is equally excited about the attire which she's going to wear on her engagement day.
Much before the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom's families indulge in shopping, which starts before the engagement day. The real fun, however, begins with the shopping for the bride's and groom's attire. Starting from the sherwani, wedding lehenga, Kundan jewelry sets, the bride and groom require different set of clothing, jewelry and accessories for the engagement and wedding.
So, while making preparations for the d-day, prepare a checklist of what you need to buy before the marriage, classify them into separate categories like jewelry, clothes, apparel, accessories, the wedding day outfit, and engagement attire. Nowadays, not just the bride, but even the groom is very meticulous about his fashion statement. He also shops extensively for his wedding, matching the color palette of his sherwani, juttis and sehra (turban), and gives tough competition to the bride. Many grooms also experiment with the Indo-western suits for an exclusive look. However, one thing for the groom to consider is that the sherwani worn by him should not be too loud in embellishments or color palette, and a similar rule applies for the bride's attire.
Jewelry plays an integral part in every Indian wedding. A piece of suggestion for would-be brides is to find the most affordable and best jewelry designer to shop for jewels, that will match with the engagement and wedding attire. Kundan jewelry sets are one of the best sellers for weddings. The bride can also experiment with a choker necklace in Polki settings for the engagement to give a rich, traditional look to her ensemble.
Nowadays, the groom and bride prefer to color co-ordinate their wedding attire for the marriage and other functions. In such cases, sherwanis and wedding lehengas are available in a wide range of colors, which help them to pick up the perfect garb for weddings. Fashion designers also introduce a lot of new designs and styles for the wedding attire, and offer customization according to the wearer's choice, which leave the modern day brides and grooms spoilt for choice. So, plan ahead for your wedding day, and enjoy the shopping excursions while they last!