Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Designer Footwear for the Summer

Rider flip flops offer everything from a fully convertible sandal, that's ideal for summer hikes and long evening walks, to beachwear like the Swim. They are a one piece, highly durable flip flop that does away with the toe post but keep themselves attached to any foot shape with a taper strap. A soft EVA insole cushions the feet, so this design is ideal for everyday use.
The Ink are Rider's least expensive flip flops. They are a Brazilian Beach flip flop, so contains a toe post and narrow rubber straps. They are made from unique materials that are non-absorbent and quick drying, so are ideal for wearing to the beach. Although they are cheaper than other Rider flip flops, they are just as durable. They are also flexible and can even be bent back onto themselves. But they are strong enough not to thin out under the heel.
TOMS Shoes
TOMS footwear offer a diverse range of espadrilles, which includes a collection of shoes made from no animal by-products. The Vegan range contains canvas shoes which are ideal for long summer evenings and come in a wide selection of colours and styles. Their range of Stitchout shoes are equally comfortable and just as durable, and are great for lazy summer days on the beach. In keeping with the company's ethos of 'One for One', with every new pair of shoes you buy, the company will provide a new pair of shoes for a child in need.
Birkenstock describe themselves as the healthy choice. Their footwear is based on the natural form of the foot and helps to keep feet healthy by distributing the body's weight evenly. This creates comfort and wellbeing. This season their range includes the Gizeh. This thong style shoe is made from natural leather and is designed for casual or formal wear. Comfort comes from the adjustable strap and shock absorbent EVA sole.
The two strap Arizona is available in leather, suede, Birko Flor or nubuk uppers. A cork latex footbed and EVA sole make this a comfortable shoe to wear no matter what the occasion.
Zen Air
If you want a classic flip flop style but with additional comfort, you should check out the Zen Air range. The Zen 5111 Sport Nero is a flip flop with a cushioned insole and rubber sole. They are long lasting sandals with a classical design, so will look good for many summers to come. Combined with a pair of casuals shorts and a short sleeved shirt, these are the type of flip flops you could wear anywhere from the office to the beach.
The Zen 5108 Horse Bruciato Leather Comfort Sandals are similar in design to the Birkenstock Arizona, but they have a heel support for additional comfort. This offers a more secure fit, so they are ideal for any foot shape. The leather upper offers some protection and with these shoes a lot more of your feet are covered, so these would be good for navigating rocky beaches.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3 Tips for Buying a Designer Kurti

As the credits begin to roll across the screen marking the end of your Bollywood movie your mind races back to several fabulous scenes. The men were handsome, but the women were absolutely gorgeous dancing through the streets showing off the elegance of a well-made designer kurti. You still feel as though you are somehow right there in the middle of the excitement when the cat shatters your wonderful daydream by flopping unceremoniously into your lap. Popcorn cascades everywhere. The cat licks its paws while you clean the mess and wonder how to buy an outfit that when worn would bring back that same fabulous feeling of beauty and fashion that you had while watching the movie. If this is your story too, just follow these 3 tips for buying your designer kurtis.
Women of India have always known that a designer kurti is extremely comfortable and trendy. These traditional long tunic type blouses can be worn for very casual affairs to very formal functions. The range of materials alone offers any woman a great selection of garments at different price levels. These long tunics are made from cottons, silks, georgette, chiffons, and art silks. They can be worn with jeans, salwars, and dupattas. So, what types of designer kurtis are practical for everyday use? Here's the first tip. As mentioned earlier it is important to choose a garment that is comfortable. When you feel good others can easily see that reflected in your stance and facial expressions. To this end, try a traditional garment made with cotton or silk. Kora silk and Indian crepe are also good choices. Don't be afraid to buy a tunic that is sleeveless as this is a trend nowadays. Jeans will complete your comfortable casual look.
The amazing versatility of the designer kurti allows it to be worn to work or to casual outings or even to formal events like weddings. Here are some tips for buying elegant designer kurtis for those special occasions. Try a tunic made with a more expensive fabric such as georgette or Kora silk. Heads will turn when you enter the room dressed in a Venetian red and black garment made of a crinkled silk blend with metallic wire. The yoke of the round neck could be embellished with antique sequin. Wear this tunic with long sleeves that have cuffs embellished with antique sequin. Add a gold lace hem and sit back to watch the open-mouthed expressions of the other guests.
Before buying an automobile the savvy consumer does some shopping around first to determine the variety and quality of vehicles available. She wants to actually put her hands on the car to feel that leather interior. In this manner her due diligence in the matter helps to reduce anxiety when the decision is made to actually buy the car. The same due diligence should be employed when shopping for a designer kurti. The internet has made buying everything as easy as clicking a mouse, but if possible visit the actual retailer to see and literally touch and try on the clothes that you will be buying. Feel the stitching and the smoothness of the silk and texture of the embroidery. Have some questions written down to ask the salesperson. Remember these tips to take the anxiety out of buying designer kurtis.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Latest Lehenga Trends

Whether you are looking for your very first lehenga or something to invigorate your collection of lehengas there are great fashions in style right now. A few of the head turning trends that we will talk about are sure to catch your eye and make its way into your closet. This year designers are making a splash as they artfully present bold fashions on the runways and in the stores. Read on to find out what themes are in style right now.
Color is a major factor in the latest trends. Red is a color trend that is always in. Red commands attention and is highly preferred for many occasions, but multicolored designs are making their presence known. Dynamic uses of contrasting colors are popular this year. If you would like to look enchanting, you are in luck. This year's runway trends are designed to make the wearer look like she's stepped directly out of a fairy tale painting. These lehenga designs are achieved by fusing a spectrum of colors together. Color combinations like pinks with greens, purples with blues, or oranges with yellows are blended together beautifully for colorful garments that stand out in a crowd. Columns and rows are another way designers are mixing and matching colors in new ways. Color patterns with two or more colors are the latest in lehengas and look great worn in mermaid style.
Another growing trend for the lehenga is heavy embroidery. Embroidery has been the defining factor of many designs, and this year designers are not holding back. There are more patterns being placed on the overall garments with thicker embellishments creating a more regal look. These louder designs stand out in any crowd and speak to the confidence and prosperity of the wearer. Plain fabric is getting less common, and some designs are so thick that the fabrics play little, if any, role in the look of the garments. Big and beautiful patterns with heavy embroidery are trendy and grabbing attention.
Borders on lehengas exist for more than accent, and at times the borders are the most decorated portion of the garment. This year the designs are even bigger and bolder. The growing tendency toward wider borders is partially due to the introduction of the double border and what I call the "travelling border." Double borders are created by embroidering two different border designs that are parallel or sewing an extra fabric usually of a contrasting color on to the bottom of the garment. These methods add texture to the design and draw attention all the way down the fabric. What I mean when I refer to a "travelling border" is a border design that extends the usual area considered a border into the larger portion of the garment. The embroidery acts like an icicle. These are especially trendy bridal choices, but they are compliment ready at any occasion.
Now that you have read about the latest in styles and designs you are ready to make a splash with your next purchase. These latest trends were meant to spark excitement whether it is your first time picking a lehenga or you've been doing it for years. Consider wearing one of these new trendy styles to your next event, and make a great impression. These lehengas are made to be admired.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Contemporary Draping Styles of Bollywood Sarees

As Bollywood actresses invade the show business industry in their sheer talent; they are also making waves in the fashion industry with their Bollywood sarees. Stemming from India's traditional piece of clothing, the once traditional Bollywood saris are now made from a variety of materials and are worn in a variety of ways. It has had its influences from world-renowned fashion designers and is now being used for many occasions other than the traditional Indian weddings and gatherings.
One of the most popular styles that Bollywood saris are modernly worn is the nivi. In this kind of style, on end of the sari is tucked in the waistband which the loose end is draped on the shoulder. For purposes of free movement, there are those that pass the loose pleats through the legs which is then tucked on the waistband.
The Maharashtrian way of draping Bollywood saris makes use of a sari that measure nine meters or more. In this draping style, the center of the sari is placed at the back of the wearer. Its ends are then tied in the front. The remaining ends are wrapped around the legs then passed over the shoulder. Men also make use of this draping style but with much shorter Bollywood sarees.
Cholis that feature modern puffy sleeves will greatly benefit from the draping style that is known as Bengali. The Bollywood saris that make use of this style have no pleats and will therefore focus the attention on the embroideries and design of the choli. The pallus (the loose ends) of the Bollywood sarees used features some keys that allow it to fall over the shoulder.
The Dravidian style of draping Bollywood sarees is positioned at the waist. It makes use of a saree that has a pleated rosette. This style of draping is very popular among Tamil nadu women. 
In the Gujarati style of draping, the loose end of the Bollywood saree is placed over the right shoulder. This style veers away from the traditional draping of the pallu which is usually over the left shoulder. This style is used by modern Indian women in special occasions and gatherings. The Bollywood sari used features an eye-catching pallu.

The Mundum Neryathum is a style that is worn in Kerala. The Bollywood saree that is used in this kind of draping is one that features gold designs canvassed on unbleached cotton. This saree used is a two-piece saree.
The Gond style is achieved by draping Bollywood sarees over the wearer's left shoulder. It is then arranged in such a way that it is able to cover the body. There is no particular style that is used in placing the Bollywood saris over the body.
What used to be just a piece of cloth used to cover the Indian women's breasts during the tribal times has now evolved into an intricately designed material that is beautifully draped to feature a woman's unique body. With all the numerous styles and designs that it is made available now for all the women across the world to wear; Bollywood sarees sure has come a long way from its ancient roots.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

7 Most Popular Saree Blouse Designs of All Times

A sari is an integral part of the wardrobe an Indian women and every woman looks for good saree blouse designs to go along with her sari. It is probably the only unstitched piece of fabric in the world which can be worn in so many different ways. A sari is 6 yards long and covers whole body with its drape but it still makes a woman look so gorgeous and feminine.
A blouse and a petticoat are an integral part of the process of draping a sari perfectly and some people go as far to say that the cut, design and look of a blouse can make or break a sari. Therefore, it is very important that you wear a great blouse along with your gorgeous sari. So here are 7 most popular saree blouse designs ever:
• Chinese collar: if you want a formal look to go with your sari, blouse with Chinese collars are probably your best bet. Not only they lend a professional appeal to the look, but they also look good on everyone, no matter what your age or body shape.
• Knot tied at front: this is one sexy blouse. To imagine this look, you would have to go back to the days when Dimple wore them in the hit Bollywood movie Bobbie and made these simple knots sexy and feminine. Again, this blouse suits women of every body shape. Just keep in mind the occasion you will be wearing them for. Wear these saree blouse designs to the occasions where you want to feel and look feminine and Diva.
• Strings at back: this is yet another classic blouse design. When in doubt, you can always count on this blouse design to lend a feminine appeal to your look. In this design, back is mostly left bare, except the string joining the shoulder straps or the strings crisscrossing. It all depends on how you want it.
• A backless with three quarter sleeves: this blouse design is a good choice when you want to look classy with just a hint of sexiness. This blouse looks elegant and very conservative in from because of its three quarter sleeves and the backless back of the blouse adds that much required womanly charm to the whole look.
• Cholis with various cuts: this is one of the most popular cuts available. Favored by many celebrities of the cinema world, this blouse style was copied by many women all over the nation. These types of blouse were originally worn by Rajasthan women. But because of it charm, interesting cuts and eye catching color and embroidery work, these cholis were a hit among masses. You can wear these cholis to occasions like festival celebrations etc.
• Sweetheart neckline: this neckline is not only popular in sari blouses, but also in various tops and evening dresses. Because of its adorable cut and design which add a feminine charm to every outfit, no wonder it is universally popular neckline. If you are looking for something sober, sweet and feminine, this is the blouse design to go for.
• Blouses with transparent full sleeves: these blouses are all the rage nowadays because of its old world charm. The nearly transparent sleeves made of net, lace or sheer fabric, both hide and reveals at the same time. This adds the hint of mischief in the all elegant look of the sari. No wonder it is one of the most favored saree blouse designs these days.