Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Combine Business Casual Clothing With Holiday Jewelry

Holiday jewelry does not have to only be worn only with bold sweaters. Many women make the mistake of celebrating through clothing instead of with tasteful fashion jewelry choices. Holiday themed sweaters often date the wearer or may project a school teacher image. Here are three tips on how to wear holiday jewelry.
Think of jewelry as a way to express your personal holiday spirit. Themed sweaters can date the person wearing the sweater. Wearing a themed Christmas tree scene, religious scene, or Santa Clause themed sweater or shirt should be avoided, especially in the workplace. Wear modern pastel tones for holidays in Spring, instead of Easter themed clothing. Many business environments do not welcome the promotion of a specific religion. Wearing religious themed statement clothing items to work may be misrepresenting the business. However, wearing the symbols of the religion or representations of holy days is acceptable.
Holiday Jewelry
Choose plain or patterned clothing as a back ground to highlight the holiday jewelry pieces. Consider any shape, size, or holiday theme that is appealing. There is a tasteful way to wear Easter, Christmas, or even Halloween jewelry pieces.
80's Vintage Dress
Sweaters that are heavily beaded with jewelry is not currently in style. Wearing additional jewelry with these types of clothing pieces makes the outfit look outdated and not retro. A trendy sweater dress or 80's vintage dress will look better in a solid color or with a simple pattern. Consider wearing fashion jewelry that has been heavily influenced by the 1980's.
Complimentary Colors
Think about the colors of the Holiday season. This could be silver, gold, green, or red. A bold necklace and earring set in red would coordinate perfectly with a sexy slimming black sweater at a holiday party. Pretty green earrings and bracelet would compliment a black or green piece of clothing.
Sets of fashion jewelry that are made of wood, feathers, or crochet may seem a bit too much for daytime. Wear these fashion pieces on weekends for or casual weekend dinners. Try on glamorous pieces of jewelry with business causal clothing. Mixing and matching jewelery sets is one way to tone down a look that may be too fierce.
Even though it may be tempting to wear holiday themed clothing with jewelry don't. if you love bling or items with sparkle, take the focus off the clothes. A more fashionable way to accent your total look is to sparkle through your jewelry.

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