Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Latest Lehenga Trends

Whether you are looking for your very first lehenga or something to invigorate your collection of lehengas there are great fashions in style right now. A few of the head turning trends that we will talk about are sure to catch your eye and make its way into your closet. This year designers are making a splash as they artfully present bold fashions on the runways and in the stores. Read on to find out what themes are in style right now.
Color is a major factor in the latest trends. Red is a color trend that is always in. Red commands attention and is highly preferred for many occasions, but multicolored designs are making their presence known. Dynamic uses of contrasting colors are popular this year. If you would like to look enchanting, you are in luck. This year's runway trends are designed to make the wearer look like she's stepped directly out of a fairy tale painting. These lehenga designs are achieved by fusing a spectrum of colors together. Color combinations like pinks with greens, purples with blues, or oranges with yellows are blended together beautifully for colorful garments that stand out in a crowd. Columns and rows are another way designers are mixing and matching colors in new ways. Color patterns with two or more colors are the latest in lehengas and look great worn in mermaid style.
Another growing trend for the lehenga is heavy embroidery. Embroidery has been the defining factor of many designs, and this year designers are not holding back. There are more patterns being placed on the overall garments with thicker embellishments creating a more regal look. These louder designs stand out in any crowd and speak to the confidence and prosperity of the wearer. Plain fabric is getting less common, and some designs are so thick that the fabrics play little, if any, role in the look of the garments. Big and beautiful patterns with heavy embroidery are trendy and grabbing attention.
Borders on lehengas exist for more than accent, and at times the borders are the most decorated portion of the garment. This year the designs are even bigger and bolder. The growing tendency toward wider borders is partially due to the introduction of the double border and what I call the "travelling border." Double borders are created by embroidering two different border designs that are parallel or sewing an extra fabric usually of a contrasting color on to the bottom of the garment. These methods add texture to the design and draw attention all the way down the fabric. What I mean when I refer to a "travelling border" is a border design that extends the usual area considered a border into the larger portion of the garment. The embroidery acts like an icicle. These are especially trendy bridal choices, but they are compliment ready at any occasion.
Now that you have read about the latest in styles and designs you are ready to make a splash with your next purchase. These latest trends were meant to spark excitement whether it is your first time picking a lehenga or you've been doing it for years. Consider wearing one of these new trendy styles to your next event, and make a great impression. These lehengas are made to be admired.

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