Monday, February 6, 2012

Lehengas, Tall Tales and Short Stories

The alarm clock chimes waking you from a sound sleep. The inevitable yawn and stretch allow your body to adjust to being awake. The bathroom looms before you as you suddenly realize that nature is calling loudly. The bathroom door closes as you look into the mirror with a start! "How did this happen?" you yell. There was once a very shapely young woman staring out of the mirror, but now someone slightly different is there. This story occurs countless times around the world. The truth is that time is just not that kind on the human. When the body changes, so does the style of clothing. There is hope, however. Lehengas are made with different materials and styles that compliment every shape. Just follow these tips on how to buy the right one. You'll look wonderful in your lehenga when you do.
Having children has changed your body dynamics. Perhaps you aren't as slim around the middle and that beautiful, maroon brocade lehenga from a couple of years ago just won't fit. The first thing to do is to stay calm. The great number of available fabrics and colors and styles will allow you to choose the ones that are right for you. In this case you want to create the illusion of slimness. Choose lehengas with a single cut panel. Also wear colors that are slightly darker. Choose a garment made with softer materials. Heavier fabrics are true to their name and probably wouldn't make a very good match. Chiffon is a wonderful match for you. Your choli can be longer and don't be afraid to accompany your outfit with a dupatta. The most important thing to remember is that any woman can find just the right garment to compliment her own beauty.
A slimmer, taller woman requires a different approach. When considering your lehenga use fabrics that add some thickness to your line. More choices may be available to you as your figure lends itself to a wider range of fabrics and colors and styles. A shorter choli with a slightly lower cut can enhance the longer neck line. Brocades are fine when considering any piece of your attire. Lehengas with heavier embroidery will definitely help to enhance your slim and tall figure. You can afford to use more material in your outfits as this will not take away that elegant appearance you are trying to perfect.
Lehengas come in a dazzling array of styles. They can be made of materials like silk, brocade, cotton, net, chiffon, or georgette. Luckily for the modern woman, many styles have been developed to fit every need. The straight cut is the more traditional style that fits just about any body type and shape. If you are still unsure about the style that fits your personality, start with this one. The mermaid style was "tailor-made" for the woman with the extra curvy figure. It really follows the contours of the body and will gain the attention of everyone in the vicinity. The A-line style lehenga is more or less shaped for the woman with wider hips. The circular style and the panel led style are the last two we'll mention. Use the tips above to buy the right one for your personality and body type.

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