Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3 Tips for Buying a Designer Kurti

As the credits begin to roll across the screen marking the end of your Bollywood movie your mind races back to several fabulous scenes. The men were handsome, but the women were absolutely gorgeous dancing through the streets showing off the elegance of a well-made designer kurti. You still feel as though you are somehow right there in the middle of the excitement when the cat shatters your wonderful daydream by flopping unceremoniously into your lap. Popcorn cascades everywhere. The cat licks its paws while you clean the mess and wonder how to buy an outfit that when worn would bring back that same fabulous feeling of beauty and fashion that you had while watching the movie. If this is your story too, just follow these 3 tips for buying your designer kurtis.
Women of India have always known that a designer kurti is extremely comfortable and trendy. These traditional long tunic type blouses can be worn for very casual affairs to very formal functions. The range of materials alone offers any woman a great selection of garments at different price levels. These long tunics are made from cottons, silks, georgette, chiffons, and art silks. They can be worn with jeans, salwars, and dupattas. So, what types of designer kurtis are practical for everyday use? Here's the first tip. As mentioned earlier it is important to choose a garment that is comfortable. When you feel good others can easily see that reflected in your stance and facial expressions. To this end, try a traditional garment made with cotton or silk. Kora silk and Indian crepe are also good choices. Don't be afraid to buy a tunic that is sleeveless as this is a trend nowadays. Jeans will complete your comfortable casual look.
The amazing versatility of the designer kurti allows it to be worn to work or to casual outings or even to formal events like weddings. Here are some tips for buying elegant designer kurtis for those special occasions. Try a tunic made with a more expensive fabric such as georgette or Kora silk. Heads will turn when you enter the room dressed in a Venetian red and black garment made of a crinkled silk blend with metallic wire. The yoke of the round neck could be embellished with antique sequin. Wear this tunic with long sleeves that have cuffs embellished with antique sequin. Add a gold lace hem and sit back to watch the open-mouthed expressions of the other guests.
Before buying an automobile the savvy consumer does some shopping around first to determine the variety and quality of vehicles available. She wants to actually put her hands on the car to feel that leather interior. In this manner her due diligence in the matter helps to reduce anxiety when the decision is made to actually buy the car. The same due diligence should be employed when shopping for a designer kurti. The internet has made buying everything as easy as clicking a mouse, but if possible visit the actual retailer to see and literally touch and try on the clothes that you will be buying. Feel the stitching and the smoothness of the silk and texture of the embroidery. Have some questions written down to ask the salesperson. Remember these tips to take the anxiety out of buying designer kurtis.

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