Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Contemporary Draping Styles of Bollywood Sarees

As Bollywood actresses invade the show business industry in their sheer talent; they are also making waves in the fashion industry with their Bollywood sarees. Stemming from India's traditional piece of clothing, the once traditional Bollywood saris are now made from a variety of materials and are worn in a variety of ways. It has had its influences from world-renowned fashion designers and is now being used for many occasions other than the traditional Indian weddings and gatherings.
One of the most popular styles that Bollywood saris are modernly worn is the nivi. In this kind of style, on end of the sari is tucked in the waistband which the loose end is draped on the shoulder. For purposes of free movement, there are those that pass the loose pleats through the legs which is then tucked on the waistband.
The Maharashtrian way of draping Bollywood saris makes use of a sari that measure nine meters or more. In this draping style, the center of the sari is placed at the back of the wearer. Its ends are then tied in the front. The remaining ends are wrapped around the legs then passed over the shoulder. Men also make use of this draping style but with much shorter Bollywood sarees.
Cholis that feature modern puffy sleeves will greatly benefit from the draping style that is known as Bengali. The Bollywood saris that make use of this style have no pleats and will therefore focus the attention on the embroideries and design of the choli. The pallus (the loose ends) of the Bollywood sarees used features some keys that allow it to fall over the shoulder.
The Dravidian style of draping Bollywood sarees is positioned at the waist. It makes use of a saree that has a pleated rosette. This style of draping is very popular among Tamil nadu women. 
In the Gujarati style of draping, the loose end of the Bollywood saree is placed over the right shoulder. This style veers away from the traditional draping of the pallu which is usually over the left shoulder. This style is used by modern Indian women in special occasions and gatherings. The Bollywood sari used features an eye-catching pallu.

The Mundum Neryathum is a style that is worn in Kerala. The Bollywood saree that is used in this kind of draping is one that features gold designs canvassed on unbleached cotton. This saree used is a two-piece saree.
The Gond style is achieved by draping Bollywood sarees over the wearer's left shoulder. It is then arranged in such a way that it is able to cover the body. There is no particular style that is used in placing the Bollywood saris over the body.
What used to be just a piece of cloth used to cover the Indian women's breasts during the tribal times has now evolved into an intricately designed material that is beautifully draped to feature a woman's unique body. With all the numerous styles and designs that it is made available now for all the women across the world to wear; Bollywood sarees sure has come a long way from its ancient roots.

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